Saturday, October 31, 2009

Official KLCC Website is Up!

Yes, it's true.

After endless threats and torture, our official Leo Club of KLCC website is finally up!

*cues drumroll!*

A big thanks to our web wizard, Emmanuel who was so kind as to help us set it up (for FREE!). Okay, actually it was up since May but well, we know...we've sorely neglected our blog for EONS. *winces*

With the changing of Board of Directors, and most of us graduating to becoming workaholics in the society, we've been just so busy that no one actually had time to blog, much less check the blog e-mail. (>_<)

So, we sincerely apologise if you had sent e-mails to us, and never received a reply from us. We hope to never let this issue happen again, and will endeavour to check the e-mail as often as possible. *crosses fingers & toes*

Having said that, do drop by our official website if you're keen. We're still tweaking and scrounging for a funkier template that's blue, but not too blue, but still blue enough to reflect our club's official colour.

(Have we confused you enough? Lol.)

Anyway, with 5 months into the "new" fiscal year of 2009/2010, we hope to polish up everything tech-wise and turn our creaking rusty tech-noob brains into gleaming tech-God status.

So, we'll be trying to update both the blog, gallery, AND maintaining the official website - all at the same time. Heck, we'll even try to backtrack and post up our past projects for the last 2 years!

Tall order, no? But for you, we'll try.

Now all we ask for is your tolerance and much patience!

Thank you! (^ - ^)y

Warm regards & XOXO,
The Club Blog-person a.k.a Overworked & Underpaid Lost-in-Tech-Space Hobbit.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

KLCC 10th Anniversary Bash: Bon Ton, KL

Yes, KLCC has finally turned 10 years old! ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ


To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Leo Club of KLCC threw a 10th Anniversary Dinner Bash at Bon Ton, KL on 30 June 2007!

Bon Ton, KL looks splendid at night!

Bon Ton is a delightful mix of old-world charm that warmly greets you when you step into Bon Ton. Acclaimed for its culinary fusion wonders and ambience, us Leos arrived at Bon Ton early to prepare for the night!

OC Leo Min Han with Leo JJ

By 6pm, some of us Leos were all primped set and ready to greet our guests!

2007/08 President Teck Liet, Leo Edwin, Leo Elaine and Leo Li-Wei ready to work the registration table

Finally, it was time! Firstly, we invited 2006/2007 President of Lions Club of KL Cheras, Lion Thomas, to officiate the Opening Ceremony!

Lions Club of KL Cheras President Lion Thomas officiating the Opening Ceremony with a hit of the gong!

We then had a roll call, introducing our guests for the night from various Leo Clubs, both Omega and Alpha, Lions Clubs and our Lion dignitaries, Guest of Honour Past B1 YE Chairman Lion Foo See Yow, and of course our own KLCC Presidents and Past Presidents!

Roll call: Leo William Chuah & Leo Ivan from Leo Club of KL Central (Omega)

Roll call: Incoming 2007/08 President Leo Teck Liet

After roll call, it was time for the Leo Pledge...

"Please raise your right hand..."

Next up was a speech from our Guest of Honour, Past B1 YE Chairman Lion Foo See Yow, who gave a very thoughtful speech about how he has worked with us for Youth Exchange and how he has watched our club grow for the past few years.

Our Guest of Honour, Past B1 YE Chairman Lion Foo See Yow giving his speech

Lions Club of KL Cheras President Lion Thomas then presented the commemorative 10th Anniversary Badge from Lions Club International to our 2006/07 President Leo Zetuan!

Hehe...Leo Zetuan gave a pretty happy speech, as it was the last day of his term as President for the fiscal year 2006/2007.

Freedom! Lol!

The Organising Chairperson for this 10th Anniversary Dinner, Leo Min Han (who worked his butt off on this project) then gave his share of the speeches for the night...

Speeches over, it was time to present the powerpoint slideshow prepared by Leo Edwin, Leo Min Han and several other members, which detailed the past 10 years of KLCC history!

Meanwhile, dinner was also served, starting with the famous Bon Ton Top Hats and Curry Pumpkin Soup to kick things off!

The famous Bon Ton Top Hats!

Curry Pumpkin Soup that was very spicy! (>_<)

Our main course was a choice between a simply scumplicious Pan-fried Dory Fish in Butter Sauce or Chicken in Special Teriyaki Sauce!

Totally droolacious Pan-fried Dory Fish in Butter Sauce

Chicken in Special Teriyaki Sauce

Our verdict?

Bon Ton isn't just all talk! Their fame is seriously well deserved. *nods head in appreciation*

Mm-mm~!* Both dishes were just simply amazing and had everyone smacking their lips in appreciation! To top things off, for dessert we were served their renowned Chocolate Mudcake, which to quote Leo Joanne, is "TO DIE FOR"~!

Bon Ton's legendary Chocolate Mudcake!

So who was kind enough to grace us with their presence on our 10th Anniversary Dinner?

From the Lions, we were honoured by the attendance of Past B1 YE Chairman Lion Foo See Yow, DC for Leo Clubs & Youth Region 3 & 4 Lion Ang Moo Bok, Lions Club of KL Cheras President Lion Thomas and Lion Lydia Lai, also from Lions Club of KL Cheras...

(L-R) DC for Leo Clubs & Youth Region 3 & 4 Lion Ang Moo Bok, Lion Lydia Lai, Past B1 YE Chairman Lion Foo See Yow, and President Lion Thomas of KL Cheras

We also had 7 of our Past Presidents, along with their wives, girlfriends and even baby!

Asides from members of our own club, we were happy to welcome friends from fellow Leo Clubs, Leo Ivan and Leo Sheng Wei of Leo Club of KL Unity (Omega) and the Alpha Leos of SMK Damansara Utama!

Leo Ivan, Leo Sheng Wei, and Alpha Leos from Damansara Utama

Jasmine, Leo Joon Sau, Leo Soon Yean, Leo Ivan & William Chuah from Leo Club of KL Central, and Leo Alan from Leo Club of KL Bukit Kiara

Leo Casper with Leo Frances, Khai Tzer, Bryan and Alex

Of course, we also had veteran KLCC Leos who came to show their support, as well as to renew their friendships and to catch up...

Leo Joon Sau with Leo Gin, veteran Leos who attended to renew friendships!

...along with the current batch of newer KLCC Leos, who seem to be all girls! Lol!

(Front) 2nd Vice President Leo Elaine Tham with Leo Michelle Kong, Leo Yee Wen, Leo Frances
(Back) Leo Tammy, Leo Jesslyn

Perhaps the highlight of the night were the performances, which began with an amazing Gu Zheng performance from one of our Past Presidents, Leo Jason Chen, and then followed by a singing rendition by Leo Elaine Tham, with Leo Soon Yean accompanying on the guitar.

Leo Jason Chen giving a fantastic performance on his Gu Zheng

Singing performance from Leo Elaine and Leo Soon Yean

Somehow, the KLCC Leos were cornered into performing an inpromptu "performance", the infamous Chicken Dance! Lol. This was then followed by a solo late-night-flight DJ-style session by Leo Soon Yean.

Impromptu "dance" performance from KLCC!! It's the chicken dance again! Do the wave!

Late Night with Leo Soon Yean! Great and moving talk by him...

Finally, it was time for the cake-cutting ceremony! All the Past Presidents, as well as Lions, President, and IPP were invited upfront to cut the cake together.

Lions, Past Presidents and Presidents gathered around the cake..

1, 2, go! Everyone give a hand in cutting the cake!
Happy 10th Anniversary KLCC!!

We then presented a memento to our Guest of Honour, Lion Foo See Yow, who not only is the Youth Exchange Chairperson for District 308-B1, but was also our well-loved Leo Advisor!

Presenting souvenir to Guest of Honour, Lion Foo See Yow!

Alas, all good things come to an end, and it was soon time to officiate the Closing Ceremony. However, to commemorate this memorable night, everyone then gathered for a massive group photo, which took a lot of squeezing in to fit everyone into the picture!

Lion Thomas officiating the Closing Ceremony

Final group shot with everyone!

All in all, it was an unforgettable night and we hoped that everyone enjoyed themselves!

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for their massive wave of support, from our Lions to our fellow Leos from other Leo Club, to our senior KLCC Leos who came to support and our new Leos who pitched in to organise this fantastic 10th Club Anniversary!

To the organising committee, especially to the Organising Chairperson, Leo Min Han...big kudos for a fantastic job well done. To all Leos, let our Leo Spirit burn proud and strong for many years to come!

Congratulations again to the Leo Club of Kuala Lumpur City Centre! (*≧▽≦)


Friday, June 15, 2007

YE Camp Recce Trip: Casa Rachado, Port Dickson

We're off to PD!

On 10 June 2007, a few of us from the YE Camp committee met up at The Curve at the ungodly hour of 9am (On a SUNDAY!!) to head off for our recce trip to the venue of our coming 2007 Summer YE Camp - Casa Rachado!

The sleep-sacrificing Leos who went on this road trip joyride mission included...

...Leo Francis & Leo Michelle a.k.a Kiwi, our OC (Organising Chairperson) for the Summer YE Camp...

...Leo Elaine, 2nd VP in charge of Youth Exchange activities, who together with Leo Francis were happily enjoying their breakfast in the car (long live Starbucks and O'Brien sandwiches!)...

...Leo Joanne, the AOC (Assistant OC) for the Summer YE camp, who also became our Master Navigator, with our precious map to Casa Rachado...

...while Leo Iong Sik was the designated driver for the trip!

Hilariously, eventhough we HAD printed a map that showed the way to Casa Rachado, we still got slightly lost on the way there. (-_-")

Now, upon reaching Casa Rachado, the first thing we took notice was the parking to ensure it would accommodate the buses we usually used to transport the YE Camp participants to our camp venue. And then, we saw this sign:

Aiks. What an ominous sign. Nevertheless, off we went to commence our recce trip mission!

We were a bit surprised upon seeing Casa Rachado, as it looked different from the pictures online.

Here's the lobby, which is next to the dining area. It looks really nice in the picture, but really, it's only average in reality. We blame the chandelier and the yellow lighting for making it look so romantic, lol!

The dining area was quite large, and opens up to a verandah, which was great for us as we all knew how hectic it would be when there is not enough tables and seats during meal times at the camp.

Samba 1, which is the 2nd largest hall in Casa Rachado is right next to the dining area. Unfortunately, it's quite small, which we suspect would be a tight fit when we hold our ice-breaking games and other activities in the hall! (>_<)

The highlight of Casa Rachado, has got to be its swimming pool! has a jacuzzi! Bwahahahaha!

Another feature of Casa Rachado is its man-made beach. The sand isn't very pretty, but hey it's still a beach! There's also a beach volleyball area...

...and an area where rafting can be done, which depends on whichever package you're taking from Casa Rachado.

The apartment rooms were pretty okay, although their colour combinations are very...bright. It certainly takes a while for you to get used to it, especially when the sun is shining brightly in the afternoon and making everything in the room look the same colour as the walls. (-_-")

Here's a cool thing found in the apartments - A fold-out bed hidden in the hall closet!

Magic cupboard?!

The single-bed room was a tight fit, but we like how they hang the extra pillows above the beds. It looks very funky.

They also provide towels and toiletries, which is great because there would definitely be someone who would forget either one of these items!

The double-bed room was quite large and can accommodate a few extra beds, which makes up for the tight fit in the single-bed room.

Double-bed room has got adjoining bathroom, peeps!

Lol. Do, Re, Mi. Here's a candid shot Leo Elaine snapped when Leo Kiwi, Iong Sik and Francis were hiding away so she could snap a pic of the double bed.

Casa Rachado also has a mini store next to the main entrance to the lobby, which is great so the camp participants can buy snacks if they get hungry even after main meals.

Forgot to bring your cultural costume? You can buy Malay costumes here...hee!

After touring Casa Rachado, we had another mini discussion regarding several aspects of the camp that needed immediate consultation with the Casa Rachado representative, Mr. Kumar.

Finally, 2 hours later it was time for us to head back to good ol' KL! But before we left, we decided to take a memento snap at the front entrance!

Kiwi & Iong Sik, no need to act cute lah...ish!


YE Camp Recce Trip Mission accomplished!